American parts for US vehicles

American parts for US vehicles

Parts for american carsFor many years, the American automobile manufacturers have been very glad about the fact that their models are very popular with the auto enthousiastics worldwide. Corresponding auto clubs and sometimes gigantic auto shows in many countries as well as a number of dealers who offer American auto parts and spare parts for sale clearly prove this. Among others, Ford, Dodge, Cadillac, Jeep, Pontiac, Chrysler, Hummer, Chevrolet and Opel Sintra belong to the most famous auto brands. Especially, American sport utility vehicles (SUV) as, for example, the Ford Explorer are particularly popular. But also the sales development concerning American vans (large-capacity limousines) such as Chrysler Grand Voyager and Chevrolet Trans Sport is very satisfactory in foreign countries. The Jeep Grand Cherokee has found a lot of fans around the world.

Since 1990, the company Ford, which is part of the General Motors Group has produced the Explorer model (Ford Bronco II was its predecessor model). This car type belongs to the best-selling utility vehicles (SUV) ever put on the market. Since 2010, the fifth generation is being produced. Furthermore, the Ford Explorer has gained a high degree of popularity through being put into operation for film and TV productions - a modified version even is used by the police and the fire brigade.

Especially for older American models which are driven in Europe, it is sometimes difficult to obtain the adequate US spare parts as, for example, brake discs, shock absorbers, drive shafts and others. Certain online shops which have specialized in US vehicles, offer a considerable range of spare parts for each individual Ford model at fair prices. American parts are even available for less widespread Ford models as, for example, for the cult vehicle Ford Mustang.

As successor to the Plymouth Voyager, the large-capacity limousine Chrysler Grand Voyager, was introduced onto the auto market in 2000. With more than 10 million models, it has been one of the most-selling vehicles in the world. In the USA, the Grand Voyager is exclusively sold with automatic gearbox. For the European market, the Grand Voyager is - in accordance to customer's requirements - even available as diesel vehicle with manual for grand voyager

Since 2012, the Grand Voyager has no longer been offered in Europe under the "Chrysler" label but under the "Lancia" one. At special online shops, European auto owners have the chance to buy axles, wishbones, water pumps and other American parts for their Grand Voyager and any other auto model.

The Chevrolet Trans Sport (minivan) is an export model of the General Motors Group, too. This auto had been produced since the midnineties for about then years. It is identical in construction with the Pontiac Trans Sport (1990 till 2005). In 1999, the Chevrolet Trans Sport took the place of the Opel Sintra van on the European market. Thanks to the online shops, American parts are available in the short-term for the Chevrolet Trans Sport as well as for the other two models.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee – an all-terrain vehicle of the upper middle class - has been produced since 1993, its predecessor being the jeep Grand Wagoneer (1963 till 1993). The brand "Jeep" which belongs to Chrysler produces the Grand Cherokee for Europe in Magna Steyr, Austria.

us parts for the grand cherokeeIn the meantime, the Grand Cherokee has become one of the most popular 4-wheel all terrain vehicles. Even for older Jeep Grand Cherokee models, there is the opportunity to order American parts as, for example, water pumps, generators and transmission filters on the internet.

By now, the retro-style compact car Chrysler PT Cruiser (produced from 2000 till 2010) has found many fans all over the world. In the United States, this model was named Car of the Year 2001. At the online shop, V-belts, engine hoods, bearings and other American high-quality spare parts are ready for delivery at very short notice.

Especially, the Pontiac Firebird (a compact roadster) has been rated among the American cult cars. Being designed as a competing model to the Ford Mustang by the parent company General Motors, it made its debut on the car market in 1967. Up to the year 2002, four generations of this auto had been produced.

As a variant of the third Firebird generation (1982 till 1992), the Pontiac Trans Am (the most powerful Firebird model) belongs to the most popular American sports cars. Thanks to "Knight Rider", a US American TV series, where a speaking Trans Am called K.I.T.T played the star role, this car has become famous throughout the world.

For any Pontiac Firebirds which have been produced since the early eighties, American parts belonging to the braking and cooling system as well as to the axle and steering system can easily be ordered at the corresponding online shops on the internet.

Owners of car brands, such as Dodge, Hummer, Cadillac and others also have the chance to easily and comfortably obtain the respective auto spares, accessories and numerous additional American parts just by a simple mouse click.

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